By micheleg
November 08, 2011
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Today was a great day.  We were sent to a new site that is new to the Belize Mission Project.  When we arrived there were tons of children and adults waiting in line.  An incredible woman organized the community, going door to door to get us patients.  We saw many children and some adults, all with lots of decay and needing their teeth cleaned.  I did not see any previous dental work on anyone.  Brenda is a very hard worker, and we did everything we could, not stopping for lunch and getting really sweaty.  There was so much demand, we will fly back there tomorrow.  Once again, we met the rest of the group for dinner and compared notes with the dermatologists, nurses, and MDs on the trip. They are all doing great things. Tomorrow is hump day.  Hoping we don't run out of steam!