By micheleg
November 06, 2011
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It was a long day of travel.  We left MSP for Houston to meet up with half of the group from various other states.  We boarded in Houston and waited on the plane for 2 hours while they checked an oil leak.  When that was fixed another mechanical problem was noticed.  Finally we were allowed off the plane and fortunately they located another plane for us.  Our final flight on Tropic Air to Ambergris Caye was sure to be cancelled because they close all flights at 5:30.. We arrived at 7:20 to find Tropic Air had 2 small planes waiting for the 20 of us to get us to our destination.  Thank you Tropic Air!  I'm sure the brains behind this mission project, Dr Frank Whipps, had something to do with that. Tomorrow we will be checking out our equipment and getting our assignments for the week. I think Brenda is excited to see what this is all about.