By micheleg
November 25, 2011
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On Saturday morning we had our last devotion led by Bonnie Whipps and said our last good-byes.  We will all go back to our jobs and families with a better understanding of how fortunate we are and how much work there is yet to be done.  We will be sent a slideshow of all of our photos from 17 different sites in the country of Belize.  Just like most missions, we will take away much more than we gave.

Next stop:  PANAMA!  My daughter is in the Peace Corps in a remote area in the middle of Panama.  When we visit there I will take toothbrushes, flouride, and attempt to do some sealants without any dental equipment.  Although my daughter is on an environmental project, she does some education in the elementary school, so I will try to have her start a brushing program in the school on a daily basis and hopefully we can get the teachers to help us continue that.